Zhongshan Group Awarded Top 30 Exporting Companies of China Agrochemical in Year 2016 in ACE Exhibition

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Zhejiang Zhongshan Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. participated in the 17th National Agrochemical Seminar & Exhibition (shorted as “ACE”) from October 15 to 17. The booth number is 1C21. As an old friend of ACE international exhibition, Zhongshan Group is awarded top 30 exporting companies of China agrochemical in year 2016, and obtains related certificate issued by China Crop Protection Industry Association. This ACE closely concentrates on the theme of “directly facing up to multiple industrial challenges and practicing on the road of green development”, analyzes new trend the industry currently faces, pays attention to the publish and implementation of new industry laws and regulations, and focuses on the transformation, upgrading and technical innovation of China agrochemical industry. The idea of Zhongshan - “green pesticide come from Zhongshan” - happens to have the same view with this exhibition, which brings a greener and more scientific health guarantee for clients.

“Green development” is a national strategic guideline. As a great power of production and usage of  agrochemical, our country always pays high attention to the management of agrochemical. The age of China gaining profits from agrochemical imitations has passed, innovation driven is now leading China agrochemical industry walking to a new development phase. In order to closely follow the industry development, Zhongshan Group also keeps strengthening enterprise management and product innovation, so that to have more and more products with best quality reached to consumers. This meeting has a summit forum, inviting famous experts and enterprisers to discuss hot problems of the industry and provide filled solutions. Besides, in the exhibition zone of Zhongshan Group, many clients stand there and listen to the product information introduced by the staff, and many foreign clients also enter into our exhibition zone for further understanding. The wholly new concept of “green agrochemical” has earned unanimous praise from participating leaders, experts and exhibitors.

It is reported that the area of this ACE is 42,000 square meters. With broader scope of exhibition, new high record on the number of exhibitors, and increasing of foreign professional experts, ACE has now become an annual event for global agrochemical industry. Zhongshan Group, by bringing the idea of “integration, professionalism, quality service and wining market” to and carry out the aforesaid idea in the exhibition, continues to build a manufacture specializing in providing green herbicide with the biggest production and best quality in China, and further promotes popularity and reputation of the brand of “Zhongshan Chemical Industry”.