The Chinese academy of engineering academician Cai Daoji visit Zhongshan Group

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Chinese academy of engineering CAI Daoji and the environment of nanjing institute of environmental science experts group of four people visiting zhongshan Group to guide works. Deputy Director of Changxing People's Congress Zhang Yukun,and Association for Science Bo Jianping and other leader and ,chairman of Group Li Bugao accompanied.

Cai Daoji academician visited Achievement and research development center at Zhongshan  Group. Chairman Li Bugao introduced the development of the group in recent years, And Introduces the company strategy development direction of next step. He said, Zhongshan Group will continue to increase input in technological innovation. Academician expert working platform should be given full play. Research the high efficiency, low toxicity, safety and high value-added new products with the guidance of Cai academician. Catch up with the world level, creating hundred high-quality brand enterprise. 

In the forum, Cai Daoji academician reaffirmed Group's ideas about “Green pesticide, derived from zhongshan”, And put forward higher requirements Stood the present trend of the development of pesticide industry, a strategic impact on the company's products in the ecological environment, environmental assessment.

Finally, both them had in-depth discussions about strategic cooperation in the field of green pesticide, And carry on the detailed planning and implementation plan for the next step work. This will push the development of zhongshan group on a new step.